How do I get people to sign up without scaring them away?

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are a COACH FIRST and a TEACHER SECOND. This means your mantra is “How can I help you?” Your primary job is to motivate and inspire a student to make progress and try their best. When they encounter challenges, you can offer encouragement and, when it’s helpful, you can teach vocabulary, grammar, and share the best way to memorize or practice their new language.

Please do not ask the prospect to make a purchase decision until after the trial is over. Just offer to help them. Remind them they get your time FREE for 7 days. After they get a sense of whether coaching works for them, they can decide whether they want to have a coach or go it alone.

Those students ready to for you and right for you will ask you how they can sign up. You do not need to “sell” or “convince” anyone. They convince themselves – and we (at Livemocha) will nudge them along via email and site messaging.

Key phrases at the start:

“Have you tried lessons yet? Can I answer any questions?” “I have been assigned as your French coach — can I answer any questions?” “What brings you to learn French?”

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