What should I tell people who ask "How Does Coaching Work"....or How do I move the "Maybes" to "Yes"?

If they ask: “How does coaching work?” we suggest the following responses:

My job is to help you make progress. You can ask me to review your speaking and writing exercises when you complete them – each review will cost you 120 tokens (you can always see how many you have in the top right corner of the site) If you want me to serve as your personal language coach, I charge 1200 tokens to get started. In the first week or two, I will create a lesson plan for you based on what you want to accomplish; I will help you when you get stuck with your study material. I will teach you grammar and share other materials to help you make progress. If you want to make faster progress, you can buy more of my time with tokens and we can work together more often. Does that sound interesting to you? YES: ok then all you have to do is sign up for the coaching program and you will get 2400 tokens to start and you will get access to the Active French study materials we will use to get started.

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